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Straits Financial, established in 2010 and headquartered in Singapore, is a global leading provider of integrated financial and commodity services. We are proud to deliver a unique and unrivalled blend of products and services within the commodities value chain. With a strong presence and understanding of the Asian markets, the team brings forth global access with localized perspectives.

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Straits Financial sets a service standard that heralds a new way of doing business and ensures that our clients have a positive and consistent customer experience.

Derivatives Trading Solutions

Connecting you to global exchanges & internationalized contracts in China.


Professional Broking Capabilities

Discover best transactions between buyers and sellers for OTC products.

Iron Ore



Trade Services

Specializing in structured-trade and financing solutions for commodities.

Digital Assets

Building a Seamless and Connected World

Market News

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On 07 Feb, the Xinhu-Straits China Internationalized Commodity Comprehensive Index (XSCI) closed at 166.88.

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