Specialised OTC Desk Services

Traditional bilaterally traded over-the-counter (OTC) products have moved onto the exchanges and clearing houses for central-clearing and risk management. OTC-cleared contracts have become a new hybrid of standardized products offered by global futures exchanges.

  • Iron Ore OTC Desk
  • Energy OTC Desk

Our Clients

  • Physical Trade Houses
  • Importers & Exporters
  • Manufacturers
  • Refineries of Raw Materials

Trade Registering Clearing Houses

  • CME Clearport
  • SGX AsiaClear
  • ICE

Straits Financial is an approved Inter-Dealer Broker (IDB). We provide intermediary services to empower best transactions between buy and sell sides for both OTC and exchange-cleared products. We provide both standardized and bilateral agreements, with a strong focus on OTC Swaps across a suite of products from bulk commodities, energy markets and forward freight agreements.

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Iron Ore Desk

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