Straits Financial is delighted to share its support and sponsorship of the Post-Wabi, a ceramic exhibition featuring works by renowned Japanese artists Yukiharu Furuno and Takanao Todo. Presented by Michi & Co. and the Japan Creative Centre (JCC), in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in Singapore. Post-Wabi features a visually stunning display of traditional Japanese ceramic arts with a modern twist.

Post-Wabi showcases the unique styles and techniques of Furuno and Todo, both of whom are recognized as leading artists in the field of contemporary ceramics. Their works, inspired by the traditional Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, are characterized by their simplicity, elegance, and organic forms. The exhibition will feature a diverse range of pieces, each of which showcases the artists’ mastery of the ceramic medium.

Yukiharu Furuno (Left) and Takanao Todo (Right)

Furuno’s work with his signature colour of various shades of profound blue.

Takanao’s raku fired ceramics with his avant-garde interpretation of the technique.

The exhibition is a unique opportunity for audiences in Singapore to witness the beauty and diversity of Japanese ceramic arts and to learn more about the rich cultural heritage of Japan. Straits Financial is proud to support this cultural event and deliver value-added services and experiences for its clients. By providing its clients access to exclusive cultural experiences, Straits Financial aims to build stronger relationships with its clients by showing appreciation for their continued support.

Jeremy Ang (Left), CEO of Straits Financial, receiving a token of appreciation.

Lim Khong Shee (Left), Yukiharu Furuno (Center), Jeremy Ang (Right), CEO of Straits Financial

Yukiharu Furuno (Left) and Roger Quek (Right), Managing Director of Straits Finanical 

Post-Wabi will be open to the public from 31 Jan 2023 to 4 Feb 2023.